Eye Care Clinics That Accept Molina Health Insurance

Eyes are priceless jewels of our body. They are the organs that detect light, send signals through the optic nerve to the visual area of the brain and help us to see. It is essential to take great care of our only pair of eyes as they are irreplaceable. Even if one is lucky enough to have a perfect 20/20 vision, it is necessary to take good care of them and protect them from any kind of injury or infection. If one develops problems while viewing, glasses and contact lenses help to correct any viewing aberrations. Due to medical advances in eye care, diseased parts of the eye can get replaced and some forms of blindness corrected.

It is necessary to check one's eyes every two years and more frequently if there is a family history of cataracts and glaucoma. A visit to an ophthalmologist or an optometrist is a must if one has trouble seeing or is suffering from frequent headaches. Apart from various eye clinics, most hospitals have dedicated eye care centres. Treatment of eye problems is usually not costly but various types of surgery can escalate the cost. Here's where health insurance can help an individual.

Molina Healthcare in USA has been providing health insurance facilities since 1980. Their commitment to the members of their health insurance plans has made them provide affordable healthcare to families and individuals. Molina works with the various Centres for Medicaid and Medicare Services, the social insurance programmes of the United States government. Being one of the most experienced healthcare companies, they provide healthcare assistance to over a million members in the states of California, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Utah and Washington.

One needs to be a member of Molina Healthcare to get insurance cover. Also the care that one needs should have to be ‘medically necessary' which means it is needed to prevent or to diagnose or to treat certain health problems. Molina healthcare provides cover for both children and adults. Among the eye treatments that are covered are screening for perfect vision, eye check ups, eye glasses, eye glass fittings and cataract surgery. However, orthoptic care for eye conditions is not covered under Molina Healthcare.

A member of Molina Healthcare can get access to high quality and affordable health plans. Molina has a 24-hour Nurse Advice line and free transportation service as well for the members. Two health plans — Molina Medicare Options and Molina Medicare Options Plus — are on offer for the members. The first one is a plan for people with Medicare and the second is for people with both Medicare and full Medicaid. The monthly premiums are low and other advantages include predictable co-payments, dependable prescription drug coverage, trusted providers and quality hospitals and specialists.

Among the eye clinics accepting Molina Health Insurance are Eye-Q Vision Care, Spokane Eye Clinic, Cincinnati Eye Institute, Fairfax County Community Healthcare Network and quite a few clinics in California. The Medicare programme is funded entirely at the federal level. Focusing primarily on the older population, it is a social insurance. Medicaid, on the other hand, is a need-based social welfare programme where the eligibility is determined by the individual's income.