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Famous People With Eating Disorders - It Is Not Only Famous People With Eating Disorders

Karen Carpenter (musician): Went on a water diet to lose weight and, as she put it, to appear more attractive. Continued to diet even after losing 20 lbs, until her death at the age of 32. She died of cardiac arrest due to anorexia and weighed only 80 lbs.

Eating Disorders Statistics - Staggering Eating Disorders Statistics

Eating too much or to avoid eating altogether are both eating disorders and affect an individual’s physical and mental health in a negative manner. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are the common eating disorders. Anorexia nervosa is the effort to lose weight deliberately and continuously by trying not to eat anything. Bulimia nervosa involves recurrent binge eating followed by purging. Another type of eating disorder, binge eating or obsessive compulsive overeating, also exists. It is a chronic condition where an individual eats huge amounts of food within a short period of time without being able to control oneself. All these disorders can lead to serious health problems.

Can Eating Disorders Be Treated

There are various treatments available for eating disorders and these lay emphases on healing the body and the mind. Hence you can gain from the health benefits of these treatments and also get back to a healthy weight. It has been seen that any form of eating disorder is marked by extremes and obsession to lose weight or staying thin. So any kind of eating disorder is present when a person goes through severe disturbances in eating behavior. Some of the common types of eating disorder include symptoms like extreme reduction of food intake or extreme overeating.

Binge Eating Disorder Effects

There are lots of critical care drugs and among them the drugs that are meant for the treatment of hair deserve special mention. There is no doubt that hair is an important part of the personality and an attractive hair style makes a lot of difference. For this reason, above all, it is necessary to keep away from baldness or loss of hair. Nevertheless, people do suffer from loss of hair and this is not related to any particular age these days. What is more, with the passing of years, hair loss is becoming a common problem across the world and millions continue to suffer hence.

Media Influence Eating Disorders - Many Types Of Media Influence Eating Disorders

There is no doubt in it that eating disorder is becoming a very crucial problem than ever before and lots of members of the young generation are getting victimized hence. What are the basic reasons? While girls consider that even a slight fat is dangerous, boys prefer to get slim best they can to attract girls. Were not the members of earlier generations conscious of these factors? Well, they were indeed but at that time the media was not powerful. It must be stated that the role of media, in this respect, is quite negative. If you are young boy or girl, you have to be aware hence.

Eating Disorders And Pregnancy - The Relationship Between Specific Eating Disorders And Pregnancy

Pregnancy and motherhood require great physical and psychological strengths. During pregnancy the baby in the womb receives nourishment from the body of the mother. The mother’s body should have sufficient storage of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. A malnourished body can lead to various complications and can endanger the life of both the mother and the child. The average woman needs to gain about 25 to 35 pounds when she is pregnant. This can come only through proper nourishment. The women who are suffering from various eating disorders and weight-related problems need to resolve them before getting pregnant.

Eating Disorder In The Elderly

These days most of us are becoming increasingly conscious that the older generations often suffer from eating disorders called anorexia. This anorexia that happens in the elderly is different from anorexia nervosa as the person does not reduce their food intake to lose weight or because of a deformation of body image.

Teens With Eating Disorders - Abnormal Heart Readings In Teens With Eating Disorders

There is no doubt that eating disorder is a serious problem and it is not related with any particular age. It has been learnt that eating disorder may happen to people of all ages including the teens. A lot of studies, in this regard, have been completed and they state very clearly that eating disorder does begin in the pre-teen stages of life and both boys and girls in their teen years get affected. However, it is also true that the effect is more severe on young girls. What are the possible reasons then?

Eating Disorder Effects

Eating disorders of any kind can only lead to negative effects and the temporary enthusiasm of weight loss and looking thinner, actually turn out to be a bane in the long run. It has been seen that these eating disorders can ruin your internal system along with creating a terrible impact on your skin, face, body and internal organs. Hence eating disorders can only lead to diseases and other mental problems, which may turn fatal in the long run.

Do Magazines Influence Eating Disorders - Do Magazines Influence Eating Disorders?

The attention-grabbing pictures of various high-flying supermodels and actors on different magazine covers and advertisements go a long way in influencing our choices. These celebrities are symbols of power, happiness and wealth for the ordinary folks. We tend to forget that most of these photos are digitally enhanced. Such fake images set unrealistic aspirations among us about how we should look. It gets kind of drilled in our minds that the use of certain products and following certain habits would help us to achieve perfection. When we don’t get the desired results, we tend to abandon our healthy and normal ways of living.

Eating Disorder Support Group

Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating are the main eating disorders that people suffer from. A support group can be a big help while recovering from such eating disorders. It can help one in finding the right treatment and recovering quickly. Since each and every support group cannot suit all, it helps to do some homework before attending any such group regularly. Talk with the leader of the group and get all the required details. Take the final decision after putting it on trial for some time and if it suits all your needs. But do consult a doctor before you opt for any group.

A List Of Eating Disorders

Why do eating disorders create problems in human lives? The only reason is that eating disorder is a condition when the concerned person or eater eats too much, too little, in a detrimental manner or differently. In addition, an eating disorder is perceived both as a psychological condition and physical condition since it is found to affect both mind and body. Is there only one type of eating disorder? No as several types of eating disorders have come to the fore already. They do include Anorexia Nervosa, Beriberi, Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia Nervosa, Hyperphagia, Kleine-Levin Syndrome, Rumination, Orthorexia and Pica.

Eating Disorders And Beauty Pageants - Short Stories On Eating Disorders And Beauty Pageants

A beauty contest is a competition based on the physical attributes of the contestants though talent, personality and question responses are also judged. These contests are seeing a downslide in popularity in most countries for treating women as objects and encouraging girls to eat less and less. Women who aim to take part in beauty pageants or those who have already won continue to diet to the point of harming themselves. Most models and beauty queens suffer from some form of eating disorder. Anorexia (deliberate weight loss) and bulimia (binge eating) are the two main eating disorders prevalent among these women.

Causes Of Eating Disorders In Men

It has been seen that eating disorders affect women and men both, but most of the times eating disorders are associated with women. However with the growing consciousness of health factors and looking even men are now suffering from eating disorders. Some of the most common causes of eating disorders in men include the fact that they want to build muscles, but often end up eating the wrong diet. It should be remembered that eating disorders are a big threat to your health and body and hence they should be dealt with care and caution.

Eating Disorder Statistics

Eating disorder, like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating, are becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the world. With the concept of fast food on the rise people are becoming obese. This has apparently led to eating disorder as well. According to The National Institute of Mental Health, between 5 per cent and 10 per cent of girls and women which is approximately 5-10 million people and 1 million boys and men suffer from eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or other similar dietary circumstances. Estimates suggest that as many as 15 percent of young women adopt unhealthy approach and behaviors about food.

Eating Disorders And Women

It has been seen that eating disorders affect women and men both. These eating disorders are a big threat to your health and body and hence they should be dealt with care and caution. Most of the times, these eating disorders can lead to various kinds of mental and physical health problems. There are also many types of eating disorders from which a person can suffer from and these are regarded as major causes of these eating disorders. Along with this the feeling of obesity and being over weight are causes of these eating disorders.

Definition Of An Eating Disorder

Eating disorders involves how a person eats, such as refusing to eat enough food, eating too much food, purging after meals, or a combination of these. Eating disorders often include out-of-control behaviors and thoughts that strongly reinforce unhealthy eating patterns. Also, women and men with eating disorders frequently experience indistinct views of their bodies. People who have anorexia feel an irresistible urge to lose weight and avoid gaining weight. A person with anorexia is unlikely to have an accurate view of his or her true body shape. Regardless of how much weight they may lose or how thin they may become, those with anorexia usually continue to believe that they have more weight to lose. Anorexia can include binging and purging behavior.

Cognitive Behavorial Therapy For Eating Disorders

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a common type of treatment for eating disorders. This type of psychotherapy aims to help break large problems or situations into smaller more convenient parts and treats eating disorders in this same way. In the general community, little may be known about cognitive behavioral therapy as it is used to treat eating disorders. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is based on the idea that all thoughts (cognition) and actions (behaviors) are related. This may not always be clear, so CBT aims to help individuals break down problems or situations into more manageable parts and examine the ways in which thoughts, emotions and actions are related to each other.

Binge Eating Disorders Treatment

We all overeat from time to time, take a third helping at many functions, for example, or gulp down a whole package of chocolate cookies during a late-night study session. But if overeating becomes a regular and unmanageable habit, we may be suffering from binge eating disorder. Binge eaters use food to manage with stress and other pessimistic emotions, but their obsessive overeating just makes us feel worse. The good news is that binge eating disorder is curable. With professional help and support, we can learn to stop binge eating.

Eating Disorders In Children - Maternal Smoking May Promote Eating Disorders In Children

Eating Disorders in children are a learned behavior. Individuals who have an Eating Disorder can hardly remember what day or time it began only that it started out as a temporary solution. Eating Disorders among children are insidious over time the disorder escalates the individual who started out believing they had control over what was eaten or not eaten; they no longer have a choice as the eating disorder is in control.

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