Natural Supplements Ear Health

One of the most common health problems is infection in the middle ear. It is usually not easy to spot until one becomes irritable with the pain. Sometimes, a high fever can also develop. People often fear that this infection can get chronic and lead to hearing impairment. The Eustachian tubes that run from the ears to the throat help to maintain the air pressure in the middle ear and also drain out the fluids. However, they are also the easiest route for throat infections to travel to our ears. As these tubes are too small, the swelling due to the infection inhibits drainage. Doctors generally prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection.

There are many natural solutions for treating this kind of infection. A special oil preparation of mullein flower and garlic can help to reduce the inflammation in the ears, stop the pain and kill the bacteria. Garlic also helps to cure any kind of fungal infections occurring in the outer ear. Ear oils made with Saint-John's-wort and calendula can also help to decrease inflammation.

Earwax buildup is another problem that increases due to infection. Glycerin is one natural product that helps to remove the earwax. Since it is sticky it also helps to keep the ear drops inside the infected ear. It is best to treat both ears even if the infection is only in one of the ears. For minor irritations, a poultice or compress can help. Lavender and tea tree oils along with olive oil are good antiseptic massage oils that can be rubbed outside the ear.

Water getting inside the ear while swimming or bathing can be equally painful. To ease the pain and evaporate the water, a drop of an anti-inflammatory tincture made up of mullein flower, Saint-John's-wort and chamomile can be used. The alcohol in this mixture helps to dry up the extra water in the ear and the herbs reduce the pain. Cinnamon leaf oil helps to fight bacterial infections.

Herbal teas help in soothing a person suffering from an ear-ache. Basil tea relieves congestion. It is even better if one can chew fresh basil leaves. Lemon juice or onion juice can be applied to the infected ear with the help of a cotton wool. Sweet almond oil is the most commonly used one to treat ear-ache. Olive oil can also be used instead of sweet almond.

Taking vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamin C helps in boosting our immune system and prevent ear problems. Adequate amount of zinc in our diet help to prevent ear ache. Dairy products like milk, butter, cheese etc can increase ear infections. So it is best to avoid them during problems with the ear. Taking green vegetables and fruits on a regular basis can help to counter many problems.

Following certain natural rules can also help to protect our ears. When around noisy machinery or at a loud music concert, we should protect our ears by wearing ear plugs. The volume should be down while hearing a stereo, especially when we are using a headphone. Shower caps and ear plugs also help to stop water from getting into our ears.