Different Types Of Hearing Aids

A small electronic device that is worn behind the ear for a person to hear properly is known as hearing aids. It makes the normal sound a bit louder making it more comfortable for a person to listen carefully and clearly as well. This helps a person communicate well and participate in its day to day activities. It can help a person hear more clearly in a quiet as well as a noisy situation.

Hearing aids consist of three basic parts a microphone, amplifier and a speaker. It receives the sound from the microphone which would then convert these sounds into electrical signals. This would then go to the amplifier. The amplifier would increase the power of these signals and then send it to the ear through a speaker.

Hearing aids that are used behind the ear consist of a hard plastic case which is worn behind the ear and then connected to a plastic earmold which would fit inside the outer ear. The electronic parts are hidden behind the ear. The sound would then travel from the earmold to the ear. Behind the ear aids are mainly used by almost all age groups for a mild to a profound hearing loss.

Then there are the in the ear hearing aids which fit inside the ear completely and are also used for mild to severe hearing loss. The electronic components are in a hard plastic case. Now a days the in the ear hearing aids have a special added feature installed in it called telecoil. This is a small magnetic coil which would allow users to receive sound through the circuitry of the hearing aid rather than using its microphone. This makes it easy to communicate over the telephone. Even in public facilities the telecoil acts like magic making it crystal clear for the listener. Then there are the induction loop systems which can be found in churches, schools, airports as well as in auditoriums. Since the casings need to be replaced often with growth children do not use this much.

Another type of hearing aids are the canal aids which fit right into the ear canal and are also available in two different styles, the ‘in the canal' and the ‘completely in canal' hearing aids. The in the canal hearing aid is made just right so that it fits the size and shape of a person's ear canal. The completely in canal aid is nearly hidden in the ear canal. They are both used for mild to moderate severe hearing loss.

The analog aids basically convert sound waves into electrical signals which are amplified. The adjustable hearing aids or the analog hearing aids are actually custom built in order to meet the need of the different users. The aid is programmed by the manufacturer as per the specifications recommended by the audiologist. They have more than one program or setting.

The digital aids are used to convert the sound waves into numeric codes which are similar to the binary codes of the computer before amplifying them. This code includes information about the sound's pitch and loudness which helps the code to be programmed accordingly in order to amplify it to the requirements of the user.