Causes Of Sudden Hearing Loss

Due to the hearing ability people are able to listen to songs, communicate with others, enjoy the movies etc. Some of the people have hearing disorder right from birth while others lose their hearing ability due to some reasons. Hearing disorder can occur due to various reasons. There may be partial or complete hearing problems. This can affect the health of the people as well as their lifestyle. It will lead to immense suffering as they will find it very difficult to communicate with others and understand what others say. Hence people must get proper treatment to regain their hearing if possible.

There are two types of hearing related disorders namely conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss. Physical ailments, that hamper the movement of sound wave in the ear, cause conductive hearing loss. Blast injury, dislocated ossicle, and otitis media can also lead to this type of hearing issues. Sensorineural hearing loss takes place due to damage of nerve cells of the ear which sense the sound waves. Certain types of antibiotics, non steroidal anti inflammatory medications, head trauma and vascular diseases can also cause this type of hearing loss.

For adult people various reasons can cause hearing disorders in adults such as infections or diseases like meniere's disease, otosclerosis, noise pollution, trauma and aging. In children, Otitis media is the main reason for hearing disorder in infants and children. Genetic factors, maternal diabetes, prematurity, intrauterine infections such as rubella, herpes simplex can also cause auditory issues in children. People can lose their capacity to hear suddenly or gradually. Problems in blood circulation or trauma can also cause sudden hearing ability to be damaged. Hearing loss can occur in one ear or both. Ear pain is directly related to trauma, infections and ear canal obstruction.

People can check for hearing loss by testing their every ear to evaluate hearing ability. The doctor checks the ear passage and tympanic membrane by using an otoscope. Even the nose, nasopharynx and upper respiratory passage are checked by the doctor. Forceps and various solutions are used to remove foreign bodies or wax blocking the ear canal. Antibiotics are prescribed for ear severe infections. If certain diseases or ear infections have caused the hearing issues, then appropriate medications are prescribed. Avoiding exposure to loud sounds for longer period of time can also help prevent hearing loss to a certain extent.

Although ear infections are most common in young people, adults should be aware of ear pain caused by otitis media. Frequent hand washing and regular flu shots can effectively help prevent this and many other infections. If people do get an ear infection, they should see doctor right away to avoid long-term damage. If people are on medication for another condition and are concerned that it may be causing hearing loss, should speak with their doctor. There may be an alternative ear treatment or therapy that is equally effective for sudden hearing loss.

People may be surprised to find that hearing aids are more advanced and less cumbersome than they think. For some types of severe hearing loss, cochlear implant surgery may be the most effective solution. This certain hearing aid device interprets sounds as electrical signals and sends them past the damaged parts of the inner ear to the brain.