Causes Of Hearing Impairment

With the sense of hearing people become able to listen to the songs, communicate with others, enjoy the movies etc. Some of the people suffer from typical hearing impairment right from birth while other people lose their hearing ability due to some other external reasons. Hearing disorder can occur due to various reasons. The hearing disorder may be of two types, either partial or total hearing problems. This problem can affect the health as well as the lifestyle of the sufferer. Hearing impairment will lead to immense suffering as people will find it very difficult to communicate with others and understand what others say. For that reason people must get proper hearing treatment to regain their hearing ability.

Hearing impairment is defined as the decrease or total loss in the ability to hearing and perceiving sounds. Although the condition is more commonly observed in older adults, it can affect anyone regardless of race, age and sex. Long ago the very first hearing aid was patented to be the most helpful hearing device but was not popularly welcomed since most of the people still did not acknowledge hearing loss as an illness. A couple of decades later, people gradually became aware of hearing loss and developed different ways of helping sufferers. Pictures and various images are sometimes used by the physician to convey message to others who have hearing impairment. Although various types of hearing aids already existed, not everyone can afford them.

As modern technology grew, so did the chance to help people who have hearing impairment. Hearing aids, today, have become cheaper and more effective and several other ways of treating the disability have also been developed. The kind of hearing treatment a person suffering from it gets varies on what caused the illness. So to get the better results from the different treatments, a background on the different causes of the illness would be helpful. One of the most common reasons of hearing impairment is genetics. It is a genetic disorder that can be passed down from generation to generation. The impairment can be passed down from generation to generation whether it is a dominant trait or recessive trait of the family. In the case of hearing impairment, it usually manifests as a congenital defect meaning people have had the condition ever since they were born.

Another reason behind hearing impairment is physical trauma. A colossal damaging hit on any part of the ear, whether external or internal, has the possibility to result in hearing disability. The same condition can happen if the head gets bumped on a hard surface. Vestibulocochular or the auditory nerve is the 8th cranial nerve, which can get damaged when the head gets badly injured. The extreme loud sound is another hey reason of hearing loss. Exposure to a very noisy environment for long period of time, such as living near the freeway or the airport, offers a big chance of developing this condition. The use of multimedia gadgets such as iPods, head phones also plays a role to alleviate the symptoms.