Causes Of Conductive Hearing Loss

Hearing loss or hearing impairment, whatever it is called, is certainly one of the most unfortunate diseases in the life of an individual and is described as the decline in the ability of hearing. This happens owing to the gradual deterioration of ear's competence in conjunction with its other parts to recognize in addition to detect sounds. There are also instances when this decline in hearing happen all of a sudden. Keep in mind that loss of hearing is generally observed in adults especially older people but it can happen with anyone irrespective of age, sex, class or creed.

Haven't you seen any youngster to suffer from hearing impairment? Nowadays the young generation is also succumbing to its brunt increasingly. What can be its extent? It can range from being a mild to a severe hearing impairment and it can also be temporary, permanent or reversible. But never assume that there is only one of type of hearing impairment. There are, in fact, many like conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss along with different causes of these diseases with their own different symptoms.

What is conductive hearing loss? What are its most imperative causes? This form of impairment takes place at the time when sound is not conducted usually through the external ear (either outer ear or middle ear). It has to be mentioned that this form of disease is considered as a mild type of hearing impairment by the ENT specialists. Reason? The inner ear is competent to compensate for the loss. There is another interesting point to note. On account of conductive hearing loss there will be no apparent problems in hearing provided that the sound remains loud enough and audible enough to be heard. Nevertheless, modern researches consider that conductive hearing loss can take place owing to ear canal obstruction, abnormalities in the ossicles, tympanic membrane and the superior canal dehiscence syndrome.

How can a person's hearing impairment be detected by others? This can be done by you also if you are aware of hearing loss symptoms. Remember that this can happen all of a sudden and originates from problems of blood circulation or trauma. It can happen either in one ear or in both. If you are skeptical of your brother's hearing ability, you can check both ears of him. If the problem is more than expectation, you must take him to the doctor without delay. The doctor checks the ear canal and tympanic membrane by using an otoscope.

Never worry since conductive hearing loss can be cured also. There are, in fact, lots of ways to prevent it. These days lots of remedies are also available to restore the function of ears if the problem has already set in. Even if it cannot be treated, lots of gadgets like hearing aid have come up to help.

Before I go, no person is interested to suffer due to conductive hearing loss. If you are in the same group, do one thing always. It is to keep the volume on your television or radio at a medium level. High volumes are dangerous for the ear and can lead to hearing loss step by step.