Arizona Department Of Developmental Disabilities

Any Arizona resident who has a chronic developmental disability which is attributable to mental retardation, epilepsy, cerebral palsy or autism that was manifested before the age of 18 may be eligible. Children below the age of six may be eligible for disability services if there is a strongly demonstrated potential that the child has, or will have, a developmental disability.

The Division of Developmental Disabilities of Arizona; housed in the Arizona Department of Economic Security, has as its mission to support the choices of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by promoting and providing, within communities, quality, flexible, consumer-driven services and supports. The Division of Developmental Disabilities provides case management and adult services as well as operates the Arizona Training Program at Coolidge and smaller state-operated group homes. The programs like Arizona Department of Economic Security; Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration provides a variety of specialized services for individuals with physical or mental disabilities that create barriers to employment or independent living. The mission of the Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration is to work with individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve increased independence and/or gainful employment through the provision of comprehensive rehabilitative and employment support services.

Sheltered employment is a service of Arizona that provides a controlled and protected environment, additional supervision and other supports for individuals engaged in remunerative work either in a sheltered workshop or in the community for developmental disabled people. These service options in Arizona are available for clients of the Rehabilitation Services Administration, Employment Support Services (ESS) Program, and Arizona Department of Economic Security. The Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) and Vocational Rehabilitation Program works cooperatively with the Arizona One-Stop system provider.

According to the new federal Workforce Investment Act, the Vocational Rehabilitation program is an associate within the overall workforce investment or development system in Arizona. Other Rehabilitation Services Administration employment initiatives include Project Hire, which is a partnership between the Department of Economic Security and the Department of Administration. It was designed to provide quality service and employment opportunities for people with disabilities desiring State employment and Business Organization and Occupation Service Training or BOOST, which is a business, community and volunteer-based program. It provides opportunity and prospect for employment through customer service, computer, and other skills training.

In Arizona people who are developmentally disabled should apply for social assistance, including referrals for housing assistance, to the Arizona Department of Economic Security, Division of Developmental Disabilities. The Arizona Occupational Safety and Health session activities are available at no charge to any business with one or more employees through the State. The Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health works under an approved plan with the United States Department of Labor to retain jurisdiction over occupational safety and health issues within Arizona, excluding mining operations, Indian Reservations and federal employees.

This jurisdiction includes approximately 1.8 million members and 104,000 public and private establishments. Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health investigates complaints about workplace safety and health risks. Another supportive source is the Arizona State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council. The mission is to bring together the persons with developmental disabilities representing Arizona's cultural diversity and their families and other community members, to protect rights, eliminate barriers, and jointly promote equal opportunities.