Beck Anxiety Scale - Information About Beck Anxiety Scale

The Beck Anxiety Inventory scale was developed to address the need for an instrument that would reliably discriminate anxiety from mental depression while displaying convergent validity. Such an instrument like back anxiety scale would offer advantages for clinical and research purposes over existing self-report measures, which have not been shown to differentiate anxiety from depression adequately. The back anxiety scale consists of 21 items, each describing a common symptom of anxiety. The respondent is asked to rate how much the person has been bothered by each symptom over the past week on a 4-point scale ranging from 0 to 3. The items are then summed to obtain a total score that can range from 0 to 63.

Most of the people in this country suffer from depression or anxiety disorders. Anxiety can be brought on by a number of things and has common symptoms of many other conditions. For example it is very easy to confuse a normal panic attack with a heart attack. There are few tools that can help people to distinguish the level of anxiety that they are suffering like the Beck anxiety scale. When using the Beck anxiety scale people are asked to rate 21 different categories on a scale of zero to three. Zero means they are not affected at all by the symptom. People will give one point if it mildly bothered them, two if it was moderately disturbing and three for something that severely bothered them. Once people have read it be 21 separate categories, they will add up all of their points and come up with their final score. Then they look down at the chart to see how severe their anxiety is.

If people have a score of zero to 21, they are considered to be suffering from low anxiety levels. While this score is usually a positive sign, the person taking the test needs to make sure that they have answered all of the scores honestly as they may be giving themselves a false assessment. If that is the actual case, people are trying to cover up their symptoms and act as though things are not bothering them and the result is usually that they will end up distancing sell themselves from the people closest to them. When people do this assessment they need to be totally honest in rate each and every category exactly how they are affected by this symptom.

If people score from 22 to 35 they are in a moderate anxiety category. More than likely their body is trying to give them warning signs that they need to pay attention to. Depending upon when people experience these conditions, could mean that they are suffering from a phobia or perhaps getting warning signs from their body of a more serious medical condition. There is no need to get panic at this level, but people do need to look at why they are experiencing these feelings and what therapies and remedies they can use to take control. If people score over 36 points, they are going to need to seek some help. Having that level of mental stress is not good for anyone and it needs to be treated aggressively to ensure that their mental and physical health does not deteriorate.