Free Anti-aging Tips

Each and every one of us dream of finding the elixir of life and postpone aging. Nobody likes to have a wrinkled face, a gray and reduced hairline, pot belly or a disruptive memory. But whether we like it or not, old age is inevitable. So, isn't it better to try and make the best of what we get? We can still flaunt a youthful appearance during our old age if we try and follow certain healthy steps. Various anti-aging tips can show us effective ways to slow down our aging process. Looking young make us feel both healthy and confident.

A healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, many ancient therapies and modern treatments reduce the effects of aging considerably. Lifestyle changes, behavioural changes, surgeries and therapies help people to stay young. First and foremost, watch what you eat. A healthy diet goes a long way to affect the skin and growth. Food rich in biotin like nuts, soybean, avocado, eggs, etc help to soften the skin. Astaxanthin in salmon keeps the skin elastic and reduces fine lines. Foods containing omega 3 like walnuts and cod liver oil keep the skin glowing. To keep the skin hydrated one needs to drink lots and lots of water as it helps to flush out the toxins.

It is necessary to change the way one lives. Slowing down a bit from the daily running around, taking less amount of stress, proper exercising and a good night's sleep go a long way in controlling premature aging. Exercising improves blood circulation and makes the muscles firm. 20 to minutes to half an hour of moderate exercising daily can work wonders for one's body. One must avoid drinking or smoking as the skin cells get damaged due to them. Smoking lessens collagen formation and drinking increases the formation of red facial veins. Wrinkles are often caused due to smoking and drinking.

Anti-aging creams also play an important role in retaining the youthfulness. Creams and lotions having avocado and other plant extracts, ayurvedic ingredients and Coenzyme Q10 help the skin to retain moisture and promote proper hydration. One must remember to use moisturizers and sunscreen lotions and avoid the sun as much as possible. Hormone therapy, light therapy, Botox treatment and cosmetic surgeries like liposuction and wrinkle lifts are some of the corrective measures to stop aging.

Anti-oxidant supplements and the nutrients in them help to fight free radicals, boosting the body's defence mechanism. Green tea, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and citrus fruits have proper amounts of all the necessary vitamins and anti-oxidants. Bioflavonoids (vitamin P), Selenium and Coenzyme Q10 should also be taken. Herbs like Ginseng, Rhodiola, Maca have ingredients that can help to control aging.

Though it is virtually impossible to avoid stress, one can try and avoid it by reacting better to stressful stuff. It is necessary to prioritise the important things of life and avoid taking undue pressure. Getting one's required quota of sleep busts stress and helps the body to conserve energy and rejuvenate the immune system. Yoga and meditation go a long way in controlling stress and arresting premature aging.