Anti Aging Research - The World Of Anti Aging Research Is Rich With New Discoveries

For ages, people's search for the fountain of youth has remained unending. Men and women can go to any extent to retain a youthful appearance, irrespective of the expenses incurred or the pain that occurs in the process. Anti-aging has always been one of the main concerns of life. Scientists and doctors have tried finding out remedies and cures for aging. But for long, the most that they achieved were virility restorers and baldness cures. Lately, various research and experiments have come up with quite a few anti-aging formulas like hormone therapy, protein treatment, skin tightening and wrinkle lift among others.

Aging isn't something that comes on suddenly like other diseases. It happens suddenly and spares nobody. Research shows aging is a physical process that occurs as the different life systems in the body start to wear out beyond repair. Aging is a breakdown, but it can be repaired to a certain extent. In fact, with proper maintaining of the body aging can be prevented for a considerable period.

There are many healthy options to reduce the process of aging. Drinking lots of water and consuming foods having high antioxidant properties can help in fighting aging. Take a balanced diet rich in proteins, antioxidant-rich fruits, green veggies, berries and omega oils. Regular exercises can help to prevent wrinkles and make the body strong. Another important thing is the right skin care regimen. Natural supplements are also effective in preventing the onset of aging. Scientific research supports the intake of multiple vitamins with minerals and anti-inflammatory supplements like fish oils and spices like turmeric.

If all these regimen appear time-consuming, you can always opt for the various anti-aging hormones. However, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor and know your health situation before starting on the therapy. As per some doctors, the main element of the aging process is the hormone loss. There have been studies showing anti-aging hormones helping to enhance hormone levels as well as counter other problems like osteoporosis, fatigue, depression and heart disease. The essential hormones helping to slow down the process of aging are estrogen, testosterone and DHEA.

Osteoporosis is prevented to a large extent by estrogen and it also helps in the improvement of mental clarity. It has been found to be a deterrent to Alzheimer s disease. On the other hand, testosterone assists to improve libido. DHEA has quite a few anti-aging advantages.

You can use various skin tightening and anti-wrinkle creams and lotions available in the market. There is also the option of cosmetic surgery (peeling, lifts, skin resurfacing) and liposuction through which you can hide most aging signs of your body. Non-surgical options include botox, collagen and isolagen treatments. Cell therapy and the treatment of various medical conditions like diabetes, menopause and hypothyroidism are the other options available.

But before surrendering to the temptation of any of these treatments, take into consideration the various side effects. The main side effect is shooting up of blood pressure. Scars, headache, nausea, fatigue and soreness are some of the other side effects that have been experienced by people who underwent anti-aging therapies.