Anti Aging Face Creams - The Top Natural Anti Aging Face Creams

As we grow older, the years take their toll on our body and skin. Our skin begins aging because collagen and elastin, both crucial for the skin, are produced in fewer quantities with the years. The inadequate production of these two crucial items affects the elasticity of our skin making it look dull and causing the appearance of wrinkles. In order to check this, we try several measures like using anti aging face creams to keep our skin smooth and clean and to stop the ugly effects of time.

However, these anti aging face creams should be chosen extremely carefully as some of them might contain ingredients that are harmful for skin. You should consult your doctor about the ingredients or you can buy creams that only contain natural ingredients with anti aging properties.

Ideally, these anti aging face creams should contain ingredients that boost the body's natural production of new skin cells, collagen and elastin fibers without having any harsh chemicals that could cause some serious harm. Top natural anti aging face creams are those which contain safe and healthy ingredients for the skin. Although old age affects all of us, it has been observed that those who are not conscious of their well-being and indulge in unhealthy habits are usually more susceptible to skin aging as well as other problems.

But natural collagen anti aging face creams serve no real purpose, as the effect they have is only cosmetic and nothing else. Such a cream may only temporarily give you a better look, but that too at the cost of the safety of your skin. Natural collagen anti aging face creams may trigger allergic reactions and cause redness on the skin. Instead, you can use natural anti aging face creams containing functional keratin in place of collagen. A cream containing functional keratin can stimulate the formation of new cells, replenishing those that have been lost with the passage of time.

Top natural anti aging face creams contain several natural compounds that safe, and can "fight" cancerous tumors, instead of aiding their growth. Usually, these compounds are antioxidants that are capable of halting the activity of or destroying free radicals on a cellular level. They affect the oxidation process which makes the skin look older and wrinkled. Top natural anti aging face creams contain many highly active antioxidants, which includes vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 and lesser known plant antioxidants. They also contain essential fatty acids and proteins such as functional keratin, HE Q10 (a special emulsion of coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E), Wakame (an extract from Japanese sea kelp). These things can penetrate through various layers of the skin and resist the process of aging.

A company from New Zealand ( has a skin care line that helps to stop the ravages of time like wrinkles and face lines. Their product certainly ranks among the top natural anti aging face creams available on the market. The Xtend-Life anti-aging cream line is composed of only the most natural ingredients and is useful for both men and women. It reduces wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines around the eyes without using any harsh and harmful chemicals. Another of the top creams of this kind is Vanish Age Fading Wrinkle Serum with Triple Refined Emu Oil which is effective and harmless.