American Anti Aging Association - The American Anti Aging Association

The American Aging Association (AGE) is a national not-for-profit organization. AGE was founded in 1970 by Denham Harman, MD, PhD, who is often known as the "father" of the "Free-Radical Theory of Aging". The aim of this organization is to promote biomedical aging studies directed towards increasing the functional life span of humans with one goal being to slow the aging process. To keep the public informed of the progress of aging research and of practical means of achieving a long and healthy life.

To increase knowledge of gerontology among physicians and others in the health fields.

As a national, tax-exempt health organization, the American Aging Association was formed in 1970 and includes both laymen and scientists who share a common interest in the aging procedure and its cost. AGE was established at a seminal time in the development of modern biological research. It endows with a venue for scientists to exchange data about the biology of aging and provided a forum for students and new colleagues brought into the field to exchange new ideas about the basic mechanism of the aging process. The American Aging Association has served a determining role in helping to give birth to this authority.

There are a number of organizations that are devoted to various aspects of aging. Some organizations have a significant focus on the social problems of the elderly; others focus on the psychological aspects, while other organizations focus on the medical problem of the frail and elderly. There are others that will focus on the elderly, some will focus on interventional approaches to delay clinical aging and some others will focus on a combination of these various problems related to the elderly and some will focus only on geriatrics. In this attempt, the American Aging Association is unique.

The organization through its membership has provided an advocacy voice to congress explaining the importance of supporting basic biomedical aging research. The number of scientists that are working on this significant essential biological problem called aging remains too few. The field is still in its formative years. The American Aging Association has been a foundation stone and continues to provide for the development of this mushrooming field.

Membership in AGE is open to all interested persons in the United States and abroad and is available in three categories: scientific, lay and student. All AGE members receive discount registration to the annual conference and the newsletter AGE NEWS, which gives information on the organization's actions as well as reports on recent scientific findings related to aging. Scientific members also receive the Journal of the American Aging Association and subscriptions are accessible to laymen and student members for an additional fee.

The primary activities of AGE are to hold annual scientific conferences every year in June, give awards to researchers making significant contributions to the goals of AGE, to promote interest among young scientists in the goals of AGE and to publish newsletters and journals. The journal of AGE is published quarterly and is available to all who wish to buy it.